Making A/B tests is challenging. We make it easy with open-source tool.

- High level of support for PHP, Laravel, Symfony

- Developer-oriented.

- Built-in statistics to track funnel and revenue depending on the experiment

- Open-source code. It's your choice - reliable cloud solution or your own server.

- Parallel running. Run A/B test asynchronously in your code. Don't wait the server response.

✓ A/B tests ✓ Feature flags ✓ Built-in statistics
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Open-source platform to improve your product

Deploy confidently
Deploy new code anytime under the feature flags. It's important to merge the code from feature branch to your master branch as soon as possible. Turn it on when everything ready.
If it's new to users make it via A/B test.
See the impact of your changes
Track the new features via A/B tests. You need to understand how new feature impact your user flow and revenue.
Make sure you're going in the right direction with matching the statistics with experiment branch.
Set up once
Set up ABRouter and metrics to track once and scale your A/B tests within the multiple lines of code for every A/B test. Delegate the experiments preparing to the product manager role.
Meet the product

Your experiments and feature flags are in the good hands

Meet the product

Ready-to-use Laravel, Symfony, PHP packages

Best packages. Run composer install and relax. We already did everything.

Directly integrated to your language and framework. Built by developers for developers.

Focus on the core of your product, not on the A/B tests and feature-flags

Parallel running. Use built-in non-blocking running to run the experiments and feature flags.

Open-source. Useful documentation and great support. Take cloud version, deploy locally or on the remote server

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We speak your framework

Strong support of PHP, Laravel and Symfony

We have a ready-to-wire composer packages for PHP, Laravel, Symfony
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We speak your framework

Strong support of PHP, Laravel and Symfony

We have a ready-to-wire composer packages for PHP, Laravel, Symfony
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Improve your product using the ABRouter open-source platform
Built for your product
No one line code needed to create new experiments except request to run experiment. Wire our packages for: PHP, Laravel, Symfony.
Parallel(non-blocking) running
Our packages has support for running A/B tests and feature flags locally, then sync the result with ABRouter server in the scheduled job.
Built-in statistics
Set up the statistics, wait a couple of weeks and you're ready to make the right decision on your A/B test.

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